An entire design department for the price of one
Brand Design
designer's salary
Unlimited number of tasks per month: creatives, banners, presentations, websites.....
Monthly payment for all tasks for 1 designer salary
Your design team from 3 people available 24/7
At the end of the month you pay a fixed fee (no additional fees)
within a month we complete any of your design tasks for the project (banners, websites, animation, presentations, etc.)
all communication takes place in the Telegram / WhatsApp chat (directly with the art director 24/7)
we assign you a team of designers (graphic, web designer, art director) for your project, who are constantly in touch with you
who will
the quality?
For each project, we allocate an art director who is constantly in touch and makes all visual edits, so you don't have to worry that some material will be of poor quality.
Everyone has at least 5 years of experience in design, worked in companies: Stada (Caridomagnyl), Haval, BNB Paribas Bank, Raifaizen bank, Prestigio
For instagram, facebook, social networks, advertising
more 1 000 banners
For investors, commercial offers
more 100 presentations
Grafic materials
Posters, packaging, layouts
more 1 000 materials
Refinement, editing, creation of promotional pages
more 100 web
which is more profitable?
2 000$ / m
2 000$ / m
price for all
price designer
Hire us?
Hire designer?
3 designers from different fields work on your project (graphic, web, motion).
One designer who focuses on only one area (for example: only the web).
Constantly in touch, tasks are always completed.
Constantly in touch, tasks are always completed.
We are constantly in touch (no holidays, sick days, time off).
Frequent time off, inconstancy, risk of transition to competitors.
The material comes without edits, because the art direction is going through, there is no need to explain what you need. We all already know.
Constant edits, the designer does not understand what they want from him. He does not understand how to fix it so that it looks beautiful.
You don't have to constantly explain what you want. We only need the text of the material, where and for whom it will be done.
It is constantly necessary to form technical specifications so that the designer correctly completes the task.
You save on all employee taxes
You have to pay taxes for each employee
2 200$ / m
3 180$ / m
For all tasks that will be completed, you will pay only fixed
Important to warn!

We do not accept all companies for support, it depends on your product and values. Because we do not only quickly, but also very cool
This price is only valid until April 10
Feedback from our customers
By feedback: I like your quality of work and ability to take on tasks without formalized requirements, as well as the speed of communications
Marketing agency
Alex Ruskih
New tasks are taken on immediately and without compiling huge technical specifications, which significantly speeds up communication. Highly recommend!
CEO (E-commerce)
Alex Sokolov
For more than 4 years we have been successfully working on the creation of design, website development, mailing lists and many other tasks.
COO (crypto)
We can fully take design support in your company, project
Founder, CEO Malord